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About Me



Paramedic, writer, mother, educator (order of priority depends on the presence of bloodshed and/or cries of the misbehaved).


After serving 27 years in the city of Newark, I officially qualify as a veteran paramedic. For decades I could be found in and around ambulances, classrooms, or helicopters throughout northern New Jersey. 


In the fall of 2015, I turned in my gold shield and left the East Coast in order to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with my family. I finished my degree in Creative Writing while driving through the Yukon, graduating summa cum laude from Southern New Hampshire University.


Trading the ghetto for glaciers, I came to Last Frontier first as a Battalion Chief, then later became the Operations Chief for a coverage area just a smidge smaller than Ireland.  Today I am the Deputy Director for the Matanuska-Susitna ("Mat-Su") Borough Department of Emergency Services in Alaska.

Yes, I have wifi and indoor plumbing. No, I do not live in an igloo. No, I cannot see Russia from my house. Yes, the salmon you get in the store is crap. I have seen the Aurora Borealis right over my house and there are reindeer living in my front yard. 


I am a regular contributor to EMS World magazine and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board. In June of this year, I became a formal mentor for WiES (Women in Emergency Services).


You can now also find me on Medium, along with my other social media platforms. 


Please feel free to contact me with questions or inquiries on speaking or writing availability.  




Where I work (or have worked in the past) is no secret and a matter of public record.  


Any content, comments, opinions or recommendations expressed on this website are my own and in no way represent any of the agencies I have been or am employed by, any speaking or contractual engagements, or any other entity unless specifically cited.


People or places mentioned should be assumed to be composites or fictional representations.  Names and locations are changed as needed for privacy or security reasons.


Inappropriate or abusive comments will be removed at the discretion of the administrator.

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