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Here are links to the pieces I've had published in EMS World and elsewhere, along with some podcasts or interviews.


For the "Midlife Medic" column, I do not have all of them up, but you can easily search the magazine website.


For the Women in EMS Series, "When Johnny Met Rosie," I am including the link to the first article - the rest can be found linked to it.


All of my writing on EMS World can be found by visiting their site and searching for my name, or you can go ahead and try this link.  Thanks for visiting!

Three Little Words
And no they aren't, "I love you."
Child's Play
Pediatric cardiac arrest management.
Her Mother's Voice
Remember the wins.
10 Minutes of Kryptonite
How quickly an ambulance accident impacts an agency.
To EHR is Inhumane
The negative impacts of electronic documentation.
"Not in Her Head"
4-part Series on chronic pain survivor and RN, Anne Monteras.
Making a List
The importance of checklists in safe practices.
Surviving the Night Shift
Audio interview with the BBC about working nights.
Leave a Message
First impressions on EMS calls make a difference.
Policy of Truth
Prehospital Death Notification
Status Virginicus
First time experiences. (Midlife Medic)
Panel podcast about sexual harrassment in EMS.
Can You Do It?
"When Johnny Met Rosie" - 12 pt series on women in EMS
EMS Recon
Effective Scene Assessment
Occupy EMS
EMS World Magazine
Women in EMS
MedicCast podcast - Panel @ EMS Expo, 2016
Don't Open the Box
Dealing with Grief
Card Value
Getting the most from your "canned" courses.
Failing Your Crews?
10 ways to make sure you're not.
Living at Night
Top Sleep Tips @ EMS World
Build A Faculty
12 Steps for Creating Instructors
It's About the Shirt
Dealing with LOD injuries.
Evolution of a Benchmark
The Porch
Penmen Review
The House
Penmen Review
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