This year (2019) was a busy and challenging one.  I finished my first year as Chief of the department.  In March of this year we achieved the monumental feat of convincing the Borough Assembly to support our conversion from an "on call" (volunteer) department to a career one -- giving us the opportunity to offer full-time jobs to dozens of responders.  While building an agency from the ground up has been exhausting, the end results have been worth it and I am looking forward to my team accomplishing great things here in the Last Frontier.


My only speaking engagements in 2019 were at EMS Expo in New Orleans.  I related lessons we learned in managing the 7.1 Cook Inlet Earthquake in November of 2018, and taught how improvisation techniques help in effective patient interviews.  I got to participate on two unique panels, one focused on Rural EMS delivery and the other on Women in EMS.  It was an absolute honor for me to sit at the table with some of the brightest leaders in our industry.

Right now I am not sure what 2020 is going to bring.  I plan to attend Pinnacle in July, but have no immediate plans to speak.  I should be at EMS Expo in the fall, this year it is in Las Vegas.  Mostly I want to focus on expanding my writing, and am working on book ideas both fiction and non.


Check back here for updates on things going on, as well as calendar events that may be happening.


EMS Expo


Vegas baby.


Pinnacle EMS Conference

Come see me in Phoenix, Arizona for this grown up conference.




I am updating the shit out of this site, everything is being cleaned up and redone.  Please feel free to send me feedback on any parts you like or don't like.


Three Little Words


In May I had a significant cardiac event, putting me in the unique position of being on the wrong end of a stretcher.  This is how I felt.



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